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Advanced Layer7 load balancing
Max 30000 concurrent connections in TCP. *
sNAT load balancing load balancing
Balance TCP or UDP services
Balance dataline communications
HTTP and HTTPS services special options
HTTP/S persistence client session enabled through cookie, header, basic, ip, url
SSL wrapper / offload
Wide range of load balance algorithms like: round robin, weight, priority or hash
Persistence client sessions
VLAN Tagging (802.1Q)
Advanced network configuration for physical, virtual or VLAN interfaces
Independent route tables for every physical or VLAN NICs
Advanced checking for backend servers through FarmGuardian
High availability load balancer service through an active-pasive cluster
Optional configuration backups system
Advanced global status with graphs
Easy administration over https GUI and ssh
Virtual service configurations can be edited and tuned on-the-fly
Use NTP sync
Easy and free updates over APT repositories
Configure virtual servers and farms as your hardware allows
Advanced system monitoring with graphs
Management of SSL certificates
Real Time syncronization between cluster nodes

*hardware depend
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