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Is Zen Load Balancer an Open Source project?

Absolutely, yes.

So, I only see a downloadable ISO distro, where is the source code?

Zen Load Balancer is mainly developed in Perl scripting language, so the entire source code is readable under the installed ISO on the path /usr/local/zenloadbalancer.

But there are some many files here, what are the different parts of ZenLB?

Zen Load Balancer is based on a Debian GNU/Linux distro and needs some others GPL open source projects like Pound, Pen and Ucarp. You could check the source code of all these projects in their official website.

Also we've implemented some features and improvements to Pen source that we've sent to the Pen maintainer, but you can download the patch here.

How can I contribute? Where is the git repository?

Currently there isn't a public repository and it's not needed to contribute with this project. You can modify the source code and send the appropiated patch to the ZenLB Developers Team.



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